“What am I trying to do with my work? I am trying to expel the demons that so often haunt my mind and find some peace in that which lives more deeply within my soul.

I think that is our lot in the world, in our world, our driven and co-opted lives, our efforts to survive and prosper, our need to find purpose, to figure out how or why, or even, tediously, for whom to vote. We seek answers and meaning, guidance and leadership.

We labor in our lives...hoping to find that which sufficeth.

I choose to carve stone. It is because I feel most closely allied with the material. I think sometimes it is because I relate the material to my being, rather obstinate, slow, stubborn. I chip away at it, dig and claw and grind away at it to find out what’s lurking beneath the surface. It is a slow process and full of surprises. It is not easy.”

-Tim de Christopher

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