Will and Testament is my current active project. It is a long-range project expected to take no less than ten years, likely more. I expect, and intend, it to be the last large-scale project I create in my lifetime.


Will and Testament
 Will and Testament Limestone
1st Choice Man
6" x 8" x 3"

A detail from the work, Angel of Industry. 1st Choice Man is typical of many of the characters I create and is shown here to represent a type, one of the figures that will populate Will and Testament.
 Will and Testament Pencil on paper
Sketchbook Images
Pencil on paper
5" x 7"

Sketch of a possible structure for Will & Testament, Plan and elevation. Plan shows possible layout of the site for the full sculpture.
 Will and Testament Pen on paper
Pen on paper
3" x 5"

Quick study for a tower
 Will and Testament Ink on paper
Will & Testamen Plan
Ink on paper
4" x 8"

An early sketch that could be seen as a possible composition of a plan for Will and Testament.
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