Tim de Christopher is a sculptor living and working in the village of Turners Falls in the town of Montague, Massachusetts.

His work has concentrated on stone carving for over 20 years, working primarily in a narrative vein. He has focused on larger scaled works and installations for many years, though he still creates small, very personal work for more intimate settings.

A recent work, The Fruit of Our Labors, was an enormously successful installation exhibited at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, in Lincoln, MA.

Currently he is developing a long-range project for installation in Turners Falls which will be known as the Time Capsule Project. 

The project will be my largest undertaking to date, starting with 60+ tons of stone and steel over a site of approximately 3200 sq. ft. I intend this project to be the focus of my work for the foreseeable future.

For me history is where it’s at and I have wanted to record historical moments in stone for a long time. We love to say the phrase “etched in stone”, with an ironic wink, but to me it has a vital immediacy. I am a stone carver, and I tell stories in stone.

We know our ancient history largely from the artifacts in stone left behind by past civilizations. I want to follow in that tradition but with a contemporary twist. My vision is to capture events, general and specific moments in time, that serve to relay milestones in our shared human experience, events that have marked points in our collective history.
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